CRC 1225: Isolated quantum systems and universality in extreme conditions

Welcome to our website! We are CRC 1225 ISOQUANT, a Heidelberg-based Collaborative Research Center, combining researchers with a shared interest: quantum systems in extreme conditions. Over the past years, quantum systems in extreme conditions have become a unifying research theme, crossing traditional lines of specialization from high-energy and nuclear physics to atomic and condensed matter physics. We bring researchers from these different fields together to ask closely related questions – and sometimes even the same ones – for their very distinct physical platforms. Together, the synergies help us to give more complete answers to outstanding questions than individual systems could provide. Much progress is achieved in this way, opening up new perspectives on long-standing problems.


Our researchers work in the fields of heavy-ion collisions investigating quantum chromodynamics, highly charged ions probing strong-field quantum electrodynamics, and ultracold quantum gases, which we use as model systems for complex few- to many-body problems. Together, these systems probe more than twenty orders of magnitude in temperature or energy scale! Focussing on isolated quantum systems gives access to relevant fundamental physics problems and offers clean experimental and theoretical settings. We investigate extreme conditions, where the dimensionless combination of the interaction strength, fields expectation values and characteristic energy scale or density of states becomes of order one. Extreme conditions can enhance the loss of microscopic details from which even universality may arise, providing quantitative links between different physical systems.


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