How does it feel to dive head-first into research and ideas of physics as an artist without formal training in that discipline? Which bridges exist between arts & science – and how can art be inspired from this? In its second artist residency, the CRC IsoQuant, comprised of approximately 20 groups from quantum physics, invites the Dutch/Ukrainian artist Alexandra Hunts to Heidelberg. In her past, she already staged performances and closely collaborated with physicists; her work contains references to bubble chambers from particle physics, wormholes and mathematical concepts.

During her talk, Alexandra Hunts will talk about her past works, specifically work linked to scientific concepts, and give a first impression of her inspiration during her stay in Heidelberg – and the influence of the current war in Ukraine. The talk will be geared both towards people from the art world & people with a science background. Nicolas Reinhart, artist and artistic director of Kalamari Klub, will be the host for the evening.

You can participate either online or in person at Cafe Leitstelle. For both, please register with a quick message to Dennis Schulz ( The event will be held under 2G+ rules (test necessary). The event will be held in English.

Alexandra Hunts was born in Lviv, and holds degrees from the Malmö Arts Academy and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam. She has held artist residencies in Luxembourg, Bourges, Copenhagen, and Kiev and has collaborated with Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Former works and more information can be found at



“Can you hear the shape of the drum” – Artist Talk & Discussion with Alexandra Hunts
Wednesday, March 16th 2022, 7 pm (Doors 6.30 pm)
Cafe Leitstelle
Emil-Maier-Str. 16

& as a live stream

no entrance fee / reservations for Cafe Leitstelle and the stream:
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