Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jan Pawlowski (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University)
Title of Talk: Can we unravel strongly correlated QCD from heavy ion collisions?

Abstract: At large temperatures and energies, QCD is a weakly interacting system of deconfined quarks and gluons thanks to asymptotic freedom.
In turn, at low temperatures and energies, QCD is well-described by a (weakly interacting) gas or liquid of hadrons, with confined and
heavier quark and gluon constituents. This transition is governed by spontaneous strong chiral symmetry breaking and the confinement

In this talk I discuss the programme of how to unfold the experimental heavy ion data towards unravelling the underlying QCD dynamics
in the vicinity of the transition. This information is contained in the QCD transport coefficients such as QCD pressure, viscosities, relaxation
time and heavy quark diffusion coefficients. These observables are (timelike) correlation functions of the energy-momentum tensor as well
as of currents in QCD. I discuss their first principles computation within QCD, their use in QCD transport and the unfolding procedure.

Venue (Hybrid-Event): Goldene Box, Physikalisches Institut, INF 226, 69120 Heidelberg AND Online-Stream via Zoom

13:00 – 13:45 Talk
13:45 – 14:00 Questions & Discussion

Slides of the talk: https://heibox.uni-heidelberg.de/f/95be1f126caa461f9a9d/?dl=1