Speaker: Maurits Haverkort

Title of Talk: Predicting dynamics of complex quantum systems using response functions

Abstract: Understanding and predicting how light is converted to useful energy in dye sensitised solar cells, how Li ions move in a battery or how oxigen atoms bind to haemoglobin requires the understanding of the quantum dynamics of many interacting particles. Direct calculations of this dynamics is hindered by the (worse than) exponential scaling of the Hilbert space with system size, accuracy and time interval of the simulation.

In this talk I will show how one, with the use of effective low energy interactions and optimisations can first of all reduce the computational costs. Important to note is that non of these methods change the fundamental scaling behaviour of the equations to solve. We will then discuss aproximate methods based on representing a quantum state by its response functions to obtain reasonable predictions of some large quantum systems.

Venue (HYBRID-EVENT): Goldene Box, Physikalisches Institut, INF 226, 69120 Heidelberg AND all talks will also be streamed via the permanent Zoom-link:

Meeting ID: 946 0240 1603
Passcode: 386993

13:00 – 13:45  talk
13:45-14:00   questions & discussion
14:00 pizza


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