Speaker: Alexander Egl (Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg)

Title of Talk: Spectroscopy of highly charged ions at ALPHATRAP

Abstract: Highly charged ions are excellent candidates to test fundamental theories such as bound-state quantum electrodynamics (BS-QED). In the vicinity of the nucleus the electron experiences strong electromagnetic fields that can shift the energies of fine structure or even hyperfine structure transitions into the optical regime. Those magnetic dipole transitions exhibit long lifetimes and hence narrow linewidths.


We present a novel method which allowed us to find rapidly those narrow transitions by using the continuous Stern Gerlach effect that does not rely on any fluorescence signal. Using this method we have recently performed laser spectroscopy of the magnetic dipole (M1) 2????2????1/2? 2????3/2 fine structure transition in 40Ar13+ stored in the cryogenic Penning-trap system of the ALPHATRAP ????-factor experiment (B01).


An overview of the experiment and recent results will be presented.