Speaker: Asier Pineiro Orioli (JILA, Boulder)

Title of Talk: What unequal-time correlation functions can teach us about universal dynamics far from equilibrium

Abstract: Universal phenomena far from equilibrium exhibit additional independent scaling exponents and functions as compared to thermal universal behavior. The underlying processes behind the universality are, however, hard to unmask. In this talk, I will show how unequal-time correlation functions can help disentangling different contributions to the observed dynamics.Specifically, for the example of an ultracold Bose gas I will show how nonequilibrium transport processes in a universal scaling regime lead to the breaking of the fluctuation-dissipation relation. This is reflected in the appearance of a transient transport mode in the statistical propagator (anticommutator), which is absent in the spectral function (commutator) showing the quasi-particle peaks of the Bose gas. This leads to the emergence of two independent dynamical exponents out of equilibrium.