Speaker: Prof. Dr. John Martinis (Google and UCSB)
Topic: Quantum supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor
Abstract: The promise of quantum computers is that certain computational tasks might be executed exponentially faster on a quantum processor than on a classical processor.  We have used a programmable superconducting processor to create quantum states on 53 qubits, corresponding to a “parallel computation” of 10 million trillion states.  For a simple algorithm, our Sycamore processor takes about 200 seconds to run a quantum circuit a million times – the equivalent task for a state-of-the-art classical supercomputer would take approximately 10,000 years. This dramatic increase in speed compared to all known classical algorithms is an experimental realization of quantum supremacy, heralding a much-anticipated computing paradigm.

Zoom-Link: https://zoom.us/j/92560226473?pwd=Y0hYYmhsNmlaaHVIaVJ0K0pYVGZSUT09
Meeting-ID: 925 6022 6473
Passcode: 022736

This talk is part of the official program of the Online Retreat of Young Researchers within CRC1225 :”Quantum Computation  – Solving Problems on Quantum Hardware”, 17-19, 2021.