Podcast (online via Zoom, held in English)
Part I:   01.03.2023  (09:00-12:30)
Part II:  02.03.2023 (09:00-12:30)
Part III: 03.03.2023  (09:00-12:30)

In addition to work during the seminar, the online sessions will be followed by two assignments that are a constituent part of the seminar to be done at home. Please allow some extra time for them.

max. number of participants: 9
registration at 
deadline for registration: 15.02.2023

Podcasts offer researchers diverse opportunities to participate actively and creatively in public debates and present their research. Whether in the form of a personal interview, a background report or an entertainingly moderated show, in podcasts listeners get to know the people behind the science.

What are the current trends on the worldwide podcast scene? How do you turn a good idea into a viable concept for a podcast? What do you need to produce your own podcast? What are the dos and don’ts of planning and implementation? And how do you cut a podcast?

The online podcast seminar introduces you to the world of podcast science communication. You will get tips, learn the tricks of using podcasts for your research topic and discover how to build a podcast step by step by means of practical exercises: from the initial concept through the production phase to subsequent marketing.

Thematic focus