Presentation skills (English, held in presence)
Part I:    29  November 2022 (9am-5pm)
Part II:  30 November 2022 (9am-5pm)

Trainer: Dr. Ulrike Brandt-Bohne  (Nationales Institut für Wissenschaftskommunikation)

Scientists are more often required to present their work in various situations – at scientific conferences, in lab meetings, to collaborators, as well as at open days and other outreach events.

Participants of this two-day seminar learn the theoretical basics as well as applicable, practical knowledge of science communication. They practice specialized presentation competencies and experience the impact of successful presentations to different target groups.

With the help of video analysis, the participants identify their individual strengths and step by step optimize their skills of communication within and outside the academic environment. They also learn how to react to critical questions from the plenum.

Possible topics of this seminar include:

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Deadline for registration:  10 November 2022