Speaker: Philipp Hauke (Kirchhoff Institute for Physics, Heidelberg)

Title of Talk: Entanglement in cold quantum gases: challenges and possibilities for novel quantum technologies

Abstract: Originally, entanglement was introduced in discussions about curiosities of quantum mechanics. Only much later was it realized that the unique quantum correlations that it represents offer possibilities far beyond a purely academic interest. Today, there exists a vigorous global effort to harnesses entanglement in novel quantum technologies, which may outperform any classical device in so important tasks as precision metrology or the simulation of quantum many-body systems. Especially promising in this endeavor are AMO setups, with their pristine control over quantum many-body systems and the excellent isolation from environment. I will explain in which way entanglement may give an advantage for quantum metrology and quantum simulation in these setups. Further, I will discuss current challenges, such as the actual detection of entanglement in experiments, and I will point out connections to other ongoing developments in the understanding entanglement in many-body systems.