Speaker:Yuuka Kanakubo

Title of Talk: 
Interplay between core and corona from small to large colliding systems

Abstract:Properties of quark gluon plasma (QGP) have been studied in high-energy nuclear collisions. Since it is difficult to describe the dynamical phenomena by first-principle calculations, an approach via phenomenological models is indispensable to scrutinize the QGP properties through experimental data. We have developed a Monte Carlo event generator based on the hydrodynamic picture of the QGP, Dynamical Core-Corona Initialization framework (DCCI2). In this talk, I emphasize the importance of a phenomenological model that includes both equilibrium (core) and non-equilibrium (corona) components for more precise studies of QGP properties. In particular, I show that the corona component, which has not been considered in heavy-ion collision reactions, plays an important role in the interpretation of experimental data.