The aim of the YRC Lunch Seminar is to promote the individual research done by young researchers within Isoquant and, at the same time, create a platform where young researchers can share and compare ideas on a regular basis starting from the fundamentals of every single topic.
The YRC Lunch Seminar is meant to be 20 min long +10 min questions + 20 min for sandwiches and drinks (open to everyone) and then another 40 min discussion just among young researchers.

Speaker: Lukas Kades
Venue: Online via Zoom
Title of Talk: Machine learning in physics – A (very) short introduction

Abstract: I will give a very short overview of different classes of problems in physics that can be tackled by machine learning/deep learning algorithms. Thereby, I will focus on the nature of the problem and the means that the algorithms provide for solving the given problem. This should provide a good basis for discussing potential applications in everybody’s specific area of research.

12:30-13:00 talk+questions
13:00-13:20 short break
13:20-14:00 discussion YRC

Slides of the talk: