The main idea of the CRC 1225 Lunch Seminars is to bring together all scientists involved in our collaboration on a regular basis to allow exchange and discussion even outside one’s own research topics. We therefore invite all PIs and working group members of the CRC 1225 ISOQUANT to participate in the Lunch Seminars and to use this opportunity for getting to know each other, fruitful discussions and valuable exchange.

The seminar will take place in presence in accordance with the current COVID-19 regulations for on-site events (Please wear a FFP2 mask or surgical mask if the minimum distance of 1.5m can not be guaranteed).

Speaker: Dr. Torsten Zache (University of Innsbruck & IQOQI Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Title of Talk: Hardware-efficient quantum simulation of non-abelian gauge theories with qudits on Rydberg platforms

Abstract: Non-abelian gauge theories underlie our understanding of fundamental forces in nature, and developing tailored quantum hardware and algorithms to simulate them is an outstanding challenge in the rapidly evolving field of quantum simulation. In this talk, I will present an approach where gauge fields, discretized in spacetime, are represented by qudits and are time-evolved in Trotter steps with multiqudit quantum gates. This maps naturally and hardware-efficiently to an architecture based on Rydberg tweezer arrays, where long-lived internal atomic states represent qudits, and the required quantum gates can be performed as error-tolerant holonomic operations supported by a Rydberg blockade mechanism. Our proposal is illustrated for a minimal digitization of non-abelian gauge fields via a finite subgroup of SU(2), as well as generalized abelian Toric code models.

Venue (HYBRID-EVENT): Goldene Box, Physikalisches Institut, INF 226, 69120 Heidelberg AND all talks will also be streamed via the permanent Zoom-link:
Meeting ID: 946 0240 1603
Passcode: 386993

13:00 – 13:45  talk
13:45-14:00   questions & discussion
14:00 pizza