Venue (HYBRID-EVENT): Goldene Box, Physikalisches Institut, INF 226, 69120 Heidelberg AND all talks will also be streamed via the permanent Zoom-link:
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Passcode: 386993

13:00-13:30 talk+questions
13:30-13:45 discussion and questions
13:45-14:00 pizza

Speaker: Aleksandr Mikheev

Title of Talk: Stability analysis of non-thermal fixed points in longitudinally expanding kinetic theory

Abstract: We use the Hamiltonian formulation of kinetic theory to perform a stability analysis of non-thermal fixed points in a non-Abelian plasma. We construct a perturbative expansion of the Fokker-Planck collision kernel in an adiabatic approximation and show that the (next-to-)leading order solutions reproduce the known non-thermal fixed point scaling exponents. Working at next-to-leading order, we derive the stability equations for scaling exponents and find the relaxation rate to the non-thermal fixed point. This approach provides the basis for an understanding of the prescaling phenomena observed in QCD kinetic theory and non-relativistic Bose gas systems.




The aim of the YRC Lunch Seminar is to promote the individual research done by young researchers within Isoquant and, at the same time, create a platform where young researchers can share and compare ideas on a regular basis starting from the fundamentals of every single topic.

The seminar will take place in presence in accordance with the current COVID-19 regulations for on-site events (Please wear a FFP2 mask or surgical mask if the minimum distance of 1.5m can not be guaranteed).