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13:30-14:00 talk+questions
14:00-14.15 discussion and questions
14.15-14:30 pizza

Speaker: Dr. Stefan Lannig

Title of Talk: Observation of two Distinct Non-Thermal Fixed-Points in a Spinor Condensate

Ultacold gases provide an unprecedented level of simultaneous control over interactions and access to the relevant observables for probing many-body dynamics in non-equilibrium scenarios. In our experiments on a quasi-1d Bose-Einstein condensate of $^87$Rb we observe a self-similar scaling evolution in the momentum-resolved transverse spin structure factor after a quench.
We prepare two different initial conditions, one consisting of a homogeneous system and one with additional perturbations initialized via local spin rotations. The latter leads to strong spin fluctuations in the ensuing dynamics. These are characterized by persistent correlations between depletions in the spin length and the spatial gradient of the Larmor phase.
For these two initial conditions we detect the emergence of two distinct types of self-similar dynamics, characterized by different scaling exponents.



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