We present a novel ultrastable superconducting radio-frequency (RF) ion trap realized as a combination of an RF cavity and a linear Paul trap. Its RF quadrupole mode at 34.52 MHz reaches a quality factor of Q2.3×105 at a temperature of 4.1 K and is used to radially confine ions in an ultralow-noise pseudopotential. This concept is expected to strongly suppress motional heating rates and related frequency shifts which limit the ultimate accuracy achieved in advanced ion traps for frequency metrology. Running with its low-vibration cryogenic cooling system, electron beam ion trap and deceleration beamline supplying highly charged ions (HCI), the superconducting trap offers ideal conditions for optical frequency metrology with ionic species. We report its proof-of-principle operation as a quadrupole mass filter with HCI, and trapping of Doppler-cooled 9Be+ Coulomb crystals.

J. Stark, C. Warnecke, S. Bogen, S. Chen, E. A. Dijck, S. Kühn, M. K. Rosner, A. Graf, J. Nauta, J.-H. Oelmann, L. Schmöger, M. Schwarz, D. Liebert, L. J. Spieß, S. A. King, T. Leopold, P. Micke, P. O. Schmidt, T. Pfeifer, and J. R. Crespo López-Urrutia, “An ultralownoise superconducting radio-frequency ion trap for frequency metrology with highly charged ions”, Rev.Sci. Instrum. 92, 083203 (2021).


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