Generalized Hydrodynamics (GHD) has recently been devised as a method to solve the dynamics of integrable quantum many-body systems beyond the mean-field approximation. In its original form, a major limitation is the inability to predict equal-time correlations. Here we present a new method to treat thermal fluctuations of a 1D bosonic degenerate gas within the GHD framework. We show how the standard results using the thermodynmaic Bethe ansatz can be obtained through sampling of collective bosonic excitations, revealing the connection or duality between GHD and effective field theories such as the standard hydrodynamic equations. As an example, we study the damping of a coherently excited density wave and show how equal-time phase correlation functions can be extracted from the GHD evolution. Our results present a conceptually new way of treating fluctuations beyond the linearized regime of GHD.

F. Møller, S. Erne, N. J. Mauser, J. Schmiedmayer, I. E. Mazets, “Bridging Effective Field Theories and Generalized Hydrodynamics”, arXiv:2205.15871 (2022).


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