Following the successful SciArt residency together with Kalamari Klub, the next step in the project is the publication of a magazine! maybe. magazine Vol. 2 will collect works from the intersection between art and science. Publication date is in summer 2022. Together with the Kalamari Klub, IsoQuant invites artists from all around the world to apply! The full open call with all guidelines can be found here, below are the most important rules.

We would like to invite all artists working within the realms of analogue and experimental photography to submit their works concerning the interface of art and science in general. We welcome a broad range of works interpreting the links between these two approaches to understand our world.

To be considered for publication in the magazine, please submit a maximum of 10 images. Optionally, you can add a short artist statement that describes the submitted set or body of work. Please submit your work as preview files either via email to, or, alternatively, via SendAnywhere or WeTransfer. All files have to be zipped to one .zip folder; the total size of that folder may not exceed 10 MBs. In case your submission is chosen for publication, we will ask you to send high-quality files for printing. All published artists will receive one magazine free of charge and a discount on additional copies.
All analogue processes, formats, techniques and experience levels are welcome. Please follow guidelines closely.

Submitted works must feature an artistic take on science or be influenced by science or the scientific method. Preferably, submitted works are related to the method of analogue photography (scans from negative or print, works on photographic paper, darkroom-based experimental work, polaroids, cyanotypes, etc.). Single strong artistic positions without direct connection to analogue work will be considered for publication, too.

Optionally, works can be accompanied by an artist statement or a description of the used method. Those may be included in the magazine.

Once finalized, the printed magazine will be distributed online and through direct sales at selected locations. All publishing artists and photographers will receive an artists’ copy of the magazine free of charge and additional issues at a discounted rate.

Artist’s rights
The copyright of all images, without exception, remain with the artist. We respect artists as creators and owners of their work.

With your submission, you consent to the publication of the submitted works in the magazine. Images published in the magazine may also be presented on our social media channels and our website. If you do not wish to have your work shown there, please indicate so. We will give photo credits on all publication channels. Your submitted data will not be handed to third parties and will only be used for magazine-related purposes.

Selection process
Images will be selected based on unique artistic vision, a novel perspective towards the topic, and how well they fit into the overall composition of the magazine. The selection will be done by members of Kalamari Klub and IsoQuant. The jury consists of analogue photographers, artists, and scientists who hold a variety of approaches (and opinions) towards photography. We are happy to be exposed to a wide diversity of styles, methods, and approaches.

We will notify you regarding the status of your submission within three weeks after the submission deadline.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


Images must relate to the interface of art and science.