A method to calculate hadron momentum spectra after feed down from resonance decays in the context of ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions described by relativistic fluid dynamics is presented. The conceptual setup uses the Cooper-Frye freeze-out integration together with an integral operator describing resonance decays. We provide explicit expressions for the integration over the freeze-out surface for a smooth and symmetric background solution, as well as for linearized perturbations around it. A major advantage of our method is that many integrals can be precomputed independently of a concrete hydrodynamic simulation. Additionally, we examine the influence of adding heavier resonances to the decay chain on the spectrum of pions and show how to include a phase with partial chemical equilibrium in order to separate the chemical from the kinetic freeze-out.

A. Kirchner, E. Grossi, S. Floerchinger, “Cooper-Frye spectra of hadrons with viscous corrections including feed down from resonance decays”, Aug. 21, 2023, arXiv:2308.10616 (2023).


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