We consider a scalar quantum field theory with global O(N)3 symmetry in four Euclidean dimensions and solve it numerically in closed form in the large-N limit. For imaginary tetrahedral coupling the theory is asymptotically free, with stable and real quantum effective action. We demonstrate the dynamical build-up of a strong interaction as the correlation length increases in a regime where the coupling renormalization flow remains well-defined in the infrared. This is in contrast to perturbative results of asymptotically free theories, which predict that the coupling becomes ill-defined in the infrared, like in quantum chromodynamics. These properties make the model an important laboratory for the study of strong-coupling phenomena in quantum field theory from first principles.

J. Berges, R. Gurau, H. Keppler, T. Preis, „Coupling renormalization flow in the strongly
interacting regime of an asymptotically free quantum field theory in four dimensions“, 13. Mai
2024, arXiv:2405.08153 (2024).


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