The cyclotron frequency ratio of 187Os29+ to 187Re29+ ions was measured with the Penning-trap mass spectrometer PENTATRAP. The achieved result of R=1.000000013882(5) is to date the most precise such measurement performed on ions. Furthermore, the total binding-energy difference of the 29 missing electrons in Re and Os was calculated by relativistic multiconfiguration methods, yielding the value of ΔE=53.5(10)eV. Finally, using the achieved results, the mass difference between neutral 187Re and 187Os, i.e., the Q value of the β decay of 187Re, is determined to be 2470.9(13) eV.

P. Filianin, C. Lyu, M. Door, K. Blaum, W. J. Huang, M. Haverkort, P. Indelicato, C. H. Keitel, K. Kromer, D. Lange, Y. N. Novikov, A. Rischka, R. X. Schüssler, Ch. Schweiger, S. Sturm, S. Ulmer, Z. Harman, and S. Eliseev, “Direct Q-Value Determination of the β− Decay of 187Re”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 072502 (2021).


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