Upcoming experiments on the interaction of electrons with intense laser fields are envisaged to become more and more accurate, which calls for theoretical computations of rates and probabilities with correspondingly higher precision. In strong-field QED this requires the knowledge of radiative corrections to be added to leading-order results. Here, we first derive the mass operator in momentum space of an off-shell electron in the presence of an arbitrary plane wave. By taking the average of the mass operator in momentum space over an on-shell electron state, we obtain a new representation, equivalent to but more compact than the known one computed in [V. N. Baier et al., Sov. Phys. JETP 42, 400 (1976).]. Moreover, we use the obtained mass operator to determine the electron mass shift in an arbitrary plane wave, which generalizes the already known expression in a constant crossed field. The spin-dependent part of the electron mass shift can be related to the anomalous magnetic moment of the electron in the plane wave. We show that within the locally constant field approximation it is possible to conveniently define a local expression of the electron anomalous magnetic moment, which reduces to the known expression in a constant crossed field. Beyond the locally constant field approximation, however, the interaction between the electron and the plane wave is nonlocal such that it is not possible to conveniently introduce an electron anomalous magnetic moment.

A. Di Piazza and T. Pătuleanu, “Electron mass shift in an intense plane wave”, Phys. Rev. D 104, 076003 (2021).


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