SciArt activities – an overview

IsoQuant offers a wide range of programs on the field of SciArt. In order to ensure an interesting and inspiring outcome, IsoQuant collaborates with Kalamari Klub, an artist collective working on the field of analog photography. Together, the following projects were initiated:

  • A SciArt residency. In late 2021 / early 2022, the artists Philip Kanwischer & Alexandra Hunts were invited to collaborate with IsoQuant scientists in order to create art. The residency spans a period of six months. During the open call, 170 applications were received and rated by a jury, consisiting of scientists and artists from IsoQuant and Kalamari Klub, plus an independent curator as an additional member. Both artists gave artist talks during their stay in Heidelberg.
  • An edition of maybe magazine. maybe magazine is a photo magazine published by Kalamari Klub. Its second edition will feature works on the intersection between arts and sciences.
  • The Science Photo Walk: Analog photography artists were invited to the work groups within IsoQuant with the instruction to take photos of whatever caught their eye. The photos were developed and printed together. You can find the results here!
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