Science Pub Quiz & Science Pub Games

Why should you pet your basil plant from time to time? What is the IKEA effect? And does an onion float? The Science Pub Quiz is a monthly quiz organized by Dennis Schulz, Lisa Ringena and Nikolas Liebster, all physicists associated with IsoQuant, asking nerdy science questions! Additionally, a scientist or science communicator is invited to contribute some questions and to explain them during an interview – be it from toxicology, theoretical quantum physics or gender science – to give more context to some of the answers and to ensure that evenings are not only fun, but also teach additional knowledge!


The one basic rule for everything: All questions have to be as understandable and accessible for anyone as possible, irrespective of the cultural and educational background. The Science Pub Quiz team has been invited to multiple conferences to present the format and do the quiz there – be it the long night of the sciences in Berlin or the young DPG – and has asked questions to a summed up audience of over 2000 people.


As an additonal spin-off, the Science Pub Games were a science-based olympiad, organized together with CoLab e.V. from Kassel, in Heidelberg. Teams could compete in the quiz and in games like building a bridge from paper and wooden sticks, building the best paper airplane and retrieving items from non-Newtonian liquid.


Science Pub Quiz & Science Pub Games are supported by IsoQuant with work time, technical infrastructure and travel costs.

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