Dr Preiss’s ERC project “UniRand – Random Unitaries in a Rapid Optical Lattice Simulator” involves experiments with ultracold quantum gases in optical lattices. The aim is to realise many-body systems with completely new properties through laser cooling and optical trapping. “The point is that strongly correlated systems, which occur for example in the solid state, can be simulated with single-particle resolution. That way, we can reconstruct the quantum state of a system atom-by-atom,” explains the physicist, who since 2016 has worked as a post-doc at the Institute for Physics and at the Heidelberg Center for Quantum Dynamics of Heidelberg University. The researchers hope that this will enable them to find new access to correlators and invariants in many-body systems, which have been investigated in theory but have so far not been measured in any experiment. Approximately 1.5 million euros in funding are available to Philipp Preiss’s team for the project.

The European Research Council awards the starting grant to outstanding young scientists. Criteria for the funding are the scientific excellence of the early-career researchers and the innovative potential of their research ideas.

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Presse Release No. 75, 03 Septemeber 2020

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