We investigate signal propagation in a quantum field simulator of the Klein–Gordon model realized by two strongly coupled parallel one-dimensional quasi-condensates. By measuring local phononic fields after a quench, we observe the propagation of correlations along sharp light-cone fronts. If the local atomic density is inhomogeneous, these propagation fronts are curved. For sharp edges, the propagation fronts are reflected at the system’s boundaries. By extracting the space-dependent variation of the front velocity from the data, we find agreement with theoretical predictions based on curved geodesics of an inhomogeneous metric. This work extends the range of quantum simulations of nonequilibrium field dynamics in general space–time metrics.

M. Tajik, M. Gluza, N. Sebe, P. Schüttelkopf, F. Cataldini, J. Sabino, F. Møller, S.-C. Ji,
S. Erne, G. Guarnieri, S. Sotiriadis, J. Eisert, J. Schmiedmayer, “Experimental observation of curved light-cones in a quantum field simulator”, PNAS 120, (2023).


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