A fluid-dynamic approach to charm-quark diffusion in the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) is developed for the first time. Results for integrated yields and momentum distributions of charmed hadrons obtained with a fluid-dynamic description for the dynamics of the QGP coupled to an additional heavy-quark-antiquark current are shown. In addition to the thermodynamic Equation of State (EoS), this description uses a heavy-quark diffusion constant which we take from Lattice QCD calculations. The results describe quantitatively experimental data measured at the LHC at the center-of-mass energy of sNN−−−√ = 5.02 TeV up to pT 4-5 GeV/c, showing that charm quarks undergo a very fast hydrodynamization in the medium created by ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions.

F. Capellino, A. Dubla, S. Floerchinger, E. Grossi, A. Kirchner, S. Masciocchi, “Fluid-dynamics of charm quarks in the quark–gluon plasma”, July 26, 2023, arXiv:2307.14449 (2023).


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