In [1], we initiated a program for the quantitative investigation of dynamical chiral symmetry breaking and resonant bound states in QCD with the functional renormalisation group, concentrating on the full infrared dynamics of four-quark scatterings. In the present work we extend this study and take into account a three-momentum channel approximation (s,t,u-channel) for the Fierz-complete four-quark vertices. We find that the four-quark vertex in this approximation is quantitatively reliable. In particular, we have computed the pion pole mass, pion decay constant, Bethe-Salpeter amplitudes, the quark mass function and wave function. Our results confirm previous findings that low energy effective theories only reproduce QCD quantitatively, if initiated with a relatively low ultraviolet cutoff scale of the order of 500 MeV. The quantitative description set up here paves the way for reliable quantitative access to the resonance structure in QCD within the fRG approach to QCD.

W.-j. Fu, C. Huang, J. M. Pawlowski, Y.-y. Tan, „Four-quark scatterings in QCD II“, 15. Jan.
2024, arXiv:2401.07638 (2024).


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