The resonant interaction between x-ray photons and nuclei is one of the most exciting subjects in the burgeoning field of x-ray quantum optics. A resourceful platform used to date is thin-film x-ray cavities with embedded layers or Mössbauer nuclei such as 57Fe. A quantum optical model based on the classical electromagnetic Green’s function is developed to investigate theoretically the nuclear response inside the x-ray cavity. The model is versatile and provides an intuitive picture about the influence of the cavity structure on the resulting spectra. We test its predictive powers with the help of the semiclassical coherent scattering formalism simulations and discuss our results on increasing complexity of layer structures.

X. Kong, D. E. Chang, and A. Pálffy, “Green’s-function formalism for resonant interaction of x rays with nuclei in structured media”, Phys. Rev. A 102, 033710 (2020).


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