We present a new Monte Carlo event generator for the hadronic production of four top quarks in the POWHEG BOX framework. Besides the dominant next-to-leading order QCD corrections at O(α5s) we also include all subleading electroweak productions channels at leading-order accuracy. We validate our theoretical predictions by comparing to parton-shower matched predictions obtained within the MC@NLO framework for stable top quarks. Furthermore, we investigate in detail the various sources of theoretical uncertainties. Finally, we investigate a single lepton plus jets signature to study for the first time the impact of the electroweak production modes as well as spin-correlation effects at the fiducial level.

T. Ježo and M. Kraus, “Hadroproduction of four top quarks in POWHEG BOX”, Phys. Rev. D 105, 114024 (2022).


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