We discuss Hamiltonian learning in quantum field theories as a protocol for systematically extracting the operator content and coupling constants of effective field theory Hamiltonians from experimental data. Learning the Hamiltonian for varying spatial measurement resolutions gives access to field theories at different energy scales, and allows to learn a flow of Hamiltonians reminiscent of the renormalization group. Our method, which we demonstrate in both theoretical studies and available data from a quantum gas experiment, promises new ways of addressing the emergence of quantum field theories in quantum simulation experiments.

R. Ott, T. V. Zache, M. Prüfer, S. Erne, M. Tajik, H. Pichler, J. Schmiedmayer, P. Zoller,
„Hamiltonian Learning in Quantum Field Theories“, 2. Jan. 2024, arXiv:2401.01308 (2024).


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