We compute high-order baryon number fluctuations at finite temperature and density within a QCD-assisted low energy effective field theory. Quantum, thermal and density fluctuations are incorporated with the functional renormalization group approach. Quantum and in-medium fluctuations are encoded via the evolution of renormalization group flow equations. The resulting fourth- and sixth-order baryon number fluctuations meet the lattice benchmark results at vanishing density. They are consistent with experimental measurements, and in particular, the non-monotonic dependence of the kurtosis of net-baryon number distributions on the collision energy is observed in our calculations. This non-monotonicity arises from the increasingly sharpened chiral crossover with the decrease of collision energy.

W. Fu, X. Luo, J. M. Pawlowski, F. Rennecke, R. Wen, S. Yin, “High-order baryon number
fluctuations within the fRG approach”, PoS CPOD2021, 009 (2022).


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