The hydrodynamic attractor is a concept that describes universal equilibration behavior in which systems lose microscopic details before hydrodynamics becomes applicable. We propose a setup to observe hydrodynamic attractors in ultracold atomic gases, taking advantage of the fact that driving the two-body s-wave scattering length causes phenomena equivalent to isotropic fluid expansions. We specifically consider two-component fermions with contact interactions in three dimensions and discuss their dynamics under a power-law drive of the scattering length in a uniform system, employing a hydrodynamic relaxation model. We analytically solve their dynamics and find the hydrodynamic attractor solution. Our results establish the cold atom systems as a new platform for exploring hydrodynamic attractors.

K. Fujii, T. Enss, „Hydrodynamic Attractor in Ultracold Atoms“, 19. Apr. 2024, arXiv:2404.12921 (2024).


Related to Project C02, C06, ABC