Gravitational waves (GWs) are inevitably produced by second-order terms in cosmological perturbation theory. Most notably, the so-called induced (GWs) are a window to the small scales part of the primordial spectrum of fluctuations and a key counterpart to the primordial black hole (PBH) scenario. However, semi-analytical solutions are only known for matter and radiation domination eras. In this paper, we present new analytic integral formulas for the induced GWs on subhorizon scales in a general cosmological background with a constant equation-of-state. We also discuss applications to a peaked primordial scalar power spectrum and the PBH scenario.

G. Domènech, “Induced gravitational waves in a general cosmological background”, Int. J. Mod.
Phys. D 29, 2050028 (2020).


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