International Conference: Quantum Systems in Extreme Conditions (QSEC2022)
13-18 Nov 2022, NH Hotel Bingen


The understanding of quantum systems in extreme conditions requires the resolution of outstanding questions, relevant for a wide range of topical applications from particle and nuclear physics to atomic and condensed matter physics. Many such systems exhibit characteristic common properties despite dramatic differences in key parameters such as temperature, density, field strength and others. The existence of universal regimes, where even quantitative agreements between seemingly disparate physical systems can be observed, drives a remarkable convergence of research activities across traditional lines of specialisation. In turn, the identification and investigation of non-universal properties plays a vital role for an improved under-
standing of fundamental differences between the systems.

The International Conference on Quantum Systems in Extreme Conditions (QSEC2022) brings together experimental and theoretical researchers working on topics that are particularly driven by such cross-disciplinary developments, in particular:

Keynote talks will provide overviews about quantum systems in extreme conditions in heavy ion collisions, precision spectroscopy in highly charged ions, and ultracold quantum gases. Contributed talks are dedicated to recent progress in these systems. Abundant discussion time and two poster sessions are foreseen for the vital interactions between experimental and theoretical physicists working in the different areas.

Keynote Speakers

Laura Fabbietti (Germany)
Thierry Giamarchi (Switzerland)
Gianluca Gregori (United Kingdom)
Rudi Grimm (Austria)
Marianna Safronova (USA)
Dam Thanh Son (USA)

Invited speakers

Jasmine Brewer (Switzerland)
Raphaelle Bailhache (Germany)
David Clément  (France)
Alina Czajka (Poland)
Elina Fuchs (Germany)
Felix Karbstein (Germany)
Esther Menz (Germany)
Julian Schmitt (Germany)
Giulia Semeghini  (USA, tbc)
Tapio Simula (Australia)
Federica Surace (USA)
Xiaojun Yao (USA)