Low energy effective theories give access to regimes of the QCD phase diagram that to date are hard to simulate directly with lattice QCD or with functional approaches. For lattice QCD this includes the small temperature and/or large density regime. In both regimes the lower UV cutoff in low enery effective theories may soften computational problems. Moreover, lattice results for low energy effective theories serve as benchmark results for functional approaches for these effective theories. Here we present lattice results for the scalar O(4) and quark-meson models. We simulate the theory via Stochastic Quantisation and report on the effects of employing coloured noise, a method that allows control over the momentum scale of the simulation.

F. Attanasio, J. P. Klinger, J. M. Pawlowski, “Low energy effective theories on the lattice with coloured noise”, PoS LATTICE2022, 290 (2023).


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