Four models for the initial conditions of a fluid dynamic description of high energy heavy ion collisions are analysed and compared. We study expectation values and event-by-event fluctuations in the initial transverse energy density profiles from Pb-Pb collisions. Specifically, introducing a Fourier-Bessel mode expansion for fluctuations, we determine expectation values and two-mode correlation functions of the expansion coefficients. The analytically solveable independent point-sources model is compared to an initial state model based on Glauber theory and two models based on the Color Glass Condensate framework. We also discuss to which extent general properties of initial conditions can be understood analytically.

S. Floerchinger, E. Grossi, and K. V. Yousefnia, “Model comparison for initial density fluctuations in high energy heavy ion collisions”, Phys. Rev. C 102, 054914 (2020).


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