In this work, I calculate the resolved spectra for the three stages of the bottom-up scenario, which are comparable to the thermal contribution, particularly at higher values of the saturation scale . Analytical solutions are obtained by including a parametrization of scaling solutions from far-from-equilibrium classical statistical lattice simulations into a small angle kinetic rate. Furthermore, a theoretically motivated ansatz is used to account for near-collinear enhancement of the low- radiation. The system is phenomenologically constrained using the charged hadron multiplicities from LHC and RHIC as in previous parametric estimates and fair agreement with the data available for photons was found. I find that for this realistic set of parameters, the contribution from the pre-equilibrium dominates the excess photons.

O. Garcia-Montero, “Non-equilibrium photons from the bottom-up thermalization scenario”, Annals Phys. 443, 168984 (2022).


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