We present an optical aberration correction technique for ultracold quantum gas experiments which directly utilizes the quantum gas as a wavefront sensor. The direct use of the quantum gas enables correcting aberrations that are otherwise impractical to measure, e.g. introduced by vacuum windows. We report a root-mean-square precision and accuracy of 0.01{\lambda} and 0.03{\lambda}, respectively, and also show independently the reduction of aberrations through measurement of the trap frequency of our optical tweezer. These improvements were achieved for a tweezer size that is well below our imaging resolution. The present work is in particular intended to serve as a tutorial for experimentalists interested in implementing similar methods in their experiment.

P. Hill, P. Lunt, J. Reiter, M. Galka, P. Preiss, S. Jochim, „Optical Phase Aberration Correction with an Ultracold Quantum Gas“, 25. Apr. 2024, arXiv:2404.16827 (2024).


Related to Project C01, C02