Partial bosonization of the two-dimensional Hubbard model focuses the functional renormalization flow on channels in which interactions become strong and local order sets in. We compare the momentum structure of the four-fermion vertex, obtained on the basis of a patching approximation, to an effective bosonic description. For parameters in the antiferromagnetic phase near the onset of local antiferromagnetic order, the interaction of the electrons is indeed well described by the exchange of collective bosonic degrees of freedom. The residual four-fermion vertex after the subtraction of the bosonic-exchange contribution is small. We propose that similar partial bosonization techniques can improve the accuracy of renormalization flow studies also for the case of competing order.

JT. Denz, M. Mitter, J. M. Pawlowski, C. Wetterich, and M. Yamada, “Partial bosonization for the two-dimensional Hubbard model”, Phys. Rev. B 101, 155115 (2020).


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