n Penning traps electromagnetic forces are used to confine charged particles under well-controlled conditions for virtually unlimited time. Sensitive detection methods have been developed to allow observation of single stored ions. Various cooling methods can be employed to reduce the energy of the trapped particle to nearly at rest. In this review we summarize how highly charged ions (HCIs) offer unique possibilities for precision measurements in Penning traps. Precision atomic and nuclear masses as well as magnetic moments of bound electrons allow among others to determine fundamental constants like the mass of the electron or to perform stringent tests of fundamental interactions like bound-state quantum electrodynamics. Recent results and future perspectives in high-precision Penning-trap spectroscopy with HCIs will be discussed.

K. Blaum, S. Eliseev, and S. Sturm, “Perspectives on testing fundamental physics with highly charged ions in Penning traps”, Quantum Sci. Technol. 6, 014002 (2021).


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