Considering homogeneous four-dimensional space-time geometries within real projective geometry provides a mathematically well-defined framework to discuss their deformations and limits without the appearance of coordinate singularities. On Lie algebra level the related conjugacy limits act isomorphically to concatenations of contractions. We axiomatically introduce projective quantum fields on homogeneous space-time geometries, based on correspondingly generalized unitary transformation behavior and projectivization of the field operators. Projective correlators and their expectation values remain well-defined in all geometry limits, which includes their ultraviolet and infrared limits. They can degenerate with support on space-time boundaries and other lower-dimensional space-time subspaces. We explore fermionic and bosonic superselection sectors as well as the irreducibility of projective quantum fields. Dirac fermions appear, which obey spin-statistics as composite quantum fields. The framework might be of use for the consistent description of quantum fields in holographic correspondences and their flat limits.

D. Spitz, „Quantum fields on projective geometries“, 26. März 2024, arXiv:2403.17996 (2024).


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