In this talk, we discuss real-time thermalization dynamics of Z2 Lattice Gauge Theory in 2+1 spacetime dimensions. While classical thermalization is commonly associated with chaotic behavior, turbulence and universality, the manifestation of these phenomena in quantum mechanical systems is not clear. However, when viewed through the lens of Entanglement Structure, we find that quantum thermalization proceeds in characteristic stages and reveals phenomena remarkably similar to their classical counterparts: chaos, turbulence and universality.

N. Müller, T. V. Zache, R. Ott, “Quantum thermalization of gauge theories: chaos, turbulence and universality”, PoS LATTICE2021, 441 (2022).

Conference Proceedings: The 38th International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, LATTICE2021, 26th-30th July 2021, Zoom/Gather@Massachusetts Institute of Technology PoS(LATTICE2021)and universality”, arXiv:2111.01155 (2021).


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