Achieving strong interactions in fermionic many-body systems is a major theme of research in condensed matter physics. It is well-known that interactions between fermions can be mediated through a bosonic medium, such as a phonon bath or Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). Here, we show that such induced attraction can be resonantly enhanced when the bosonic medium is a two-component spinor BEC. The strongest interaction is achieved by tuning the boson-boson scattering to the quantum critical spinodal point of the BEC where the sound velocity vanishes. The fermion pairing gap and the superconducting critical temperature can thus be dramatically enhanced. We propose two experimental realizations of this scenario, with exciton-polariton systems in two-dimensional semiconductors and ultracold atomic Bose-Fermi mixtures.

G. Bighin, P. A. Murthy, N. Defenu, T. Enss, “Resonantly enhanced superconductivity mediated by spinor condensates”, arXiv:2212.07419 (2022).


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