Quantum simulators built from ultracold atoms promise to study quantum phenomena in interacting many-body systems. However, it remains a challenge to experimentally prepare strongly correlated continuous systems such that the properties are dominated by quantum fluctuations. Here, we show how to enhance the quantum correlations in a one-dimensional multimode bosonic Josephson junction, which is a quantum simulator of the sine-Gordon field theory. Our approach is based on the ability to track the non-equilibrium dynamics of quantum properties. After creating a bosonic Josephson junction at the stable fixed point of the classical phase space, we observe squeezing oscillations in the two conjugate variables. We show that the squeezing oscillation frequency can be tuned by more than one order of magnitude, and we are able to achieve a spin squeezing close to 10 dB by utilising these oscillatory dynamics. The impact of improved spin squeezing is directly revealed by detecting enhanced spatial phase correlations between decoupled condensates. Our work provides new ways for engineering correlations and entanglement in the external degree of freedom of interacting many-body systems.

T. Zhang, M. Maiwöger, F. Borselli, Y. Kuriatnikov, J. Schmiedmayer, M. Prüfer, „Squeezing
oscillations in a multimode bosonic Josephson junction“, 5. Apr. 2023, arXiv:2304 . 02790 (2023).


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