High-performance graphical processing units (GPU) are used for the repeated parallelised propagation of non-linear partial differential equations on large spatio-temporal grids. The main challenge results as a combination of the requirement of large grids for exploring scaling over several orders of magnitude, both in space and time, and the need for high statistics in averaging over many runs, in computing correlation functions for highly fluctuating quantum many-body states. With our simulations, we explore the dynamics of complex quantum systems far from equilibrium, with the aim of classifying their universal characteristics such as scaling exponents near non-thermal fixed points. Our results are strongly relevant for the development of synthetic quantum systems when exploring the respective physics in the laboratory.

I. Siovitz, P. Heinen, N. Rasch, S. Lannig, Y. Deller, H. Strobel, M. Oberthaler, T. Gasenzer,
“Universal Dynamics at the Lowest Temperatures”, Oct. 5, 2023, arXiv:2310.03636 (2023).


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