During the YRC-Meeting on Friday, 24 January 2020 new representatives were elected by the present members. The current office-holders Maximilian Prüfer and Torsten Zache were happy to hand over the responsibility of representing the young researchers to Robert Ott (PhD student A01), Eleonora Lippi (PhD student A05) and Bruno Faigle-Cedzich (PhD student C01).  They were encouraging the present students and postdocs to support the new representatives and make full use of the unique opportunity to involve themselves in the organizational, managing and decision-making process of the CRC 1225. Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Berges and coordinator Tina Kuka expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation for the work done in the last 2 years. During their time as representatives, Maximilia and Torsten successfully established the Annual YRC-Retreat, were part of the organizing committee of the International Conference QSEC, invited outstanding international scientists for seminar talks and lecture series and reactivated the monthly CRC 1225 Lunch Seminars.

We are looking forward to the ideas and activities planned by the new representatives Robert, Eleonora and Bruno.