Image source: Florian Freundt, View of the experimental chamber

A04Probing and characterising effective models of far-from-equilibrium universality

Ultracold Atoms

Principal Investigators
Prof. Dr. Thomas Gasenzer
Prof. Dr. Markus Oberthaler


Current Group Members
Helmut Strobel (Postdoc)
Yannick Deller (PhD student)
Elinor Kath (PhD student)
Hannes Köper (PhD student)
Nikolas Liebster (PhD student)
Ido Siovitz (PhD student)
Timon Alexander Schmutz (PhD student)
Marius Sparn (PhD student)
Anna-Maria Glück (Master student)
Jin Han (Master student)
Julian Mayr (Master student)
Florian Schmitt (Master student)
Martin Zboron (Master student)
Anna-Maria Lorinser (Bachelor student)
Jasmin Siefker (Bachelor student)

Open Positions
Currently no open positions

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